Make the Most of Your Dental Self Care with These Easy TLC Tips!

Make the Most of Your Dental Self Care with These Easy TLC Tips!

In the times of the Coronavirus, with the daily stress of life added to by the chaos of a pandemic, self-care has become more important than ever. Self-care can take many forms; a deluxe facemask, taking the time to go for a long walk, or perhaps peaceful mediation.

Ultimately, self-care is about redirecting a little bit of extra energy and effort, within your daily routine, back towards looking after yourself. Taking the time to focus on going that extra mile to maintain your well-being. Therefore, taking care of your teeth should be a part of your self-care practices.

The London Clinic team wants to share some quick tips, on how you can give your teeth the love that they deserve, therefore giving yourself the care that you need to always present the best version of yourself.

Tip 1) Make The Most of Your Brushing and Flossing – Make sure to brush for 2-3 minutes, at least twice a day, with a dentist recommended toothbrush that is in good condition (swap it out for a newbie every 3 months) and use a fluoride toothpaste. Also, never forget to floss, it only takes 60-120 seconds and it makes a world of difference to your long term dental healthy.

Tip 2) Settle Down on The Sugar – Swap out high-sugar options for more organic substitutes. For example, instead of having a handful of lollies as a treat, go and buy a delicious punnet of juicy strawberries. This will reduce your sugar intake, keeping your teeth much stronger and reducing the chance of tooth decay.

Tip 3) Drink Up! Buy a cute, 1 Litre drink bottle, and make sure that you drink it’s fill by lunch time, and then fill it up again to finish by dinner. Tap water contains fluoride that protects your teeth and staying hydrated promotes saliva production which is incredibly important for your mouth and gum health.

Tip 4) Be Kind to Your Gums – when you are brushing your teeth, pay attention to your gums. If your gums bleed during brushing, this may be a sign of gum inflammation aka gum disease. If the problem persists, make an appointment with your dentist to get some guidance on gum health. Routine dental cleans will help keep gum disease under control.

Tip 5) Make The 6 Month Appointment – You should be seeing your dentist on a 6-monthly basis, for a routine cleaning and check-up. The appointment might take no longer than half an hour but it could save you from some serious tooth and gum disease down the track, by being able to get on top of any problems early on. The cleaning will also help in maintaining the white colour of your teeth and will leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy for months afterwards.

With these easy tips under your belt, your dental self-care will be a (low sugar) piece of cake! For more guidance, or to book an appointment at The London Clinic with our dental team, call 1300 123 TLC.