Six Reasons Why Preventative Dental Care Will Help You Smile Now And Prevent You From Frowning Later

Six Reasons Why Preventative Dental Care Will Help You Smile Now And Prevent You From Frowning Later

All dentists agree on the importance of preventative dental care and how important it is to overall oral hygiene and general health, but what is it and how can it benefit you? We’ve provided you with just a few reasons why you should make preventative dentistry a priority, so that you can keep smiling with confidence.

Preventative Dental Care Now Will Save You In The Future

Preventative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on keeping up oral hygiene now to avoid costly dental trips in the future. Regular dental check-ups are important, as the two main causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and gum disease. By having a dental check-up at least twice a year, you are guaranteed to keep your teeth and gums healthier, meaning less dental treatment is needed in the future.

The Latest Tools Mean The Dentist Is a Less Daunting Trip

Let’s be honest, most of us have had a fear of the dentist since childhood, and this can lead to many adults not seeing a dentist until they absolutely must, leading to unnecessary pain and costly dental procedures. The London Clinic Dental uses the latest diagnostic tools to conduct a thorough oral health assessment employing the latest imaging technology to make the findings clear and avoids the use of jargon, which can be confusing and sometimes daunting. The dentist will also take X-rays and photographs, allowing them to detect future areas of concern, whilst also offering advice on keeping up good oral hygiene and brushing techniques.

Individually Tailored Professional Advice

At the London Clinic Dental, we will explain your options in depth and help you to decide which treatment best suits your individual needs. Examples of preventative dental care to maintain good oral hygiene include lifestyle factors and oral health objectives tailored to you, to ensure you have all the necessary information to maintain an attractive, healthy glowing smile. Minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatments can also be included within your preventative appointments. A preventative dental check-up gives patients the benefit of a professional who will talk through the right medically approved products to use and the correct techniques to clean your teeth and mouth to ensure optimal oral hygiene is maintained, to help avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

Improve Self-confidence And Social Life

Oral health issues can negatively impact your social life and self-confidence, with issues such as bad breath (Halitosis) stemming from gum disease or other oral hygiene issues meaning you’re inclined to smile less. Bad oral health has been linked to general health concerns such as mental health; the condition of your mouth can have a psychological influence, as documented here by the oral health foundation.  A solution to your issues may be a simple fix, which is why preventative dentistry can identify and correct these issues early on, getting you back to a smiling confident person.

Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Your Dentist

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your dentist can reduce the negative stigma associated with a trip to the dentist. Practicing home preventative dental care can also help to reduce the anxiety that can be involved with a dental visit.  A combined effort between you and your dentist can keep you smiling in more ways than one. Book your dental visit today and reimplement your home oral hygiene routine.

So, if you want to take steps now to benefit your oral health, feel free to book an appointment with The London Clinic Dental, and take action now to save yourself frowning later.